Is my marriage heading for a divorce?

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When a divorce is coming in a marriage, the relationship may be in a state where a spouse cannot recognize the signs of the impending hardship. Being able to spot an imminent divorce allows spouses to either prepare for the divorce or work to fix their marriage. It is easy to identify the signs of a coming divorce if you know what to look for.

More than 700,000 people get divorced each year. Thinking that your marriage is not at risk of divorce is a risk that can result in you getting surprised with divorce papers. So, what are significant signs a divorce is coming?

Regular negative interactions

If you and your spouse have mostly negative communications, such as cold conversations, sudden arguing, and passive-aggressive comments, you may be experiencing a classic sign of coming divorce. Even if these interactions have been common in the past, they can still be a warning sign.

Change in living dynamic

The passion and romance of a new marriage can fade over time. If the relationship devolves into a relationship that appears to be more similar to roommates, a couple can drift apart without even realizing it. Going through the motions of paying bills and dealing with each other’s day-to-day lives can be a nail in a marriage’s coffin.

Dramatic changes to intimacy

If the intimate portion of marriage sees a considerable decrease in its activity, it can indicate a lowered sense of appreciation for a spouse. While this change can commonly mean marriage trouble, the opposite can also be a warning. If a spouse suddenly increases intimate activity, it may be a result of guilt from infidelity.

Do not take your relationship for granted

When a spouse assumes their relationship is immune to divorce, that is precisely when a divorce can happen. Look for these or other signs in a marriage to give yourself the time you need to protect your best interests.