How to prepare for divorce

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A divorce is a serious decision for someone to make in their life, especially when the outcome has such a dramatic effect on the lives of each of the spouses and any children they may have. Getting divorced is extremely difficult and can cost each spouse more than $10,000 before they complete the process.

Considering the potential costs of a divorce, anything a spouse can do to protect themselves can go a long way. Here are a few tips that can help prepare you for your upcoming divorce:

Create a support group

Divorce is something that no one should ever go through alone. The help that friends and family can offer can be essential in helping you protect your best interests during your divorce. Reach out to loved ones you can trust for the help you may need with emotional support, finding a place to stay during your divorce and anything else you may need.

Create separate accounts

If you plan to file a divorce in the near future or already have, start creating accounts that only have your name. Bank accounts, P.O. boxes, and credit cards are all things that you will want to only have your name on. If your spouse has access to these or other accounts, he can cause unnecessary complications in the future.

Gather important documents

Documentation is a critical component in getting through a divorce swiftly and efficiently. Ensure you have the original documentation for any home and auto loans you may have, insurance policies, retirement accounts, and even relevant arrest records. If you cannot obtain the original document, a copy can also be just as helpful.

Establish personal property

Property division is one of the most contentious areas of divorce. The more assets you are able to prove belonged solely to yourself, the easier it will be to keep them out of any division negotiations. Deeds, insurance policies, registration documents, warranties, and property tax information can all help prove that you were the sole owner of a certain asset or item.

Be sure you have an attorney

If you are even considering filing for divorce, talk to a divorce attorney right away. An experienced attorney can help you protect your best interests throughout the entire divorce. If you and your spouse are considering a no-contest divorce, you should still defend yourself with a family law attorney’s experience.

No matter where you are in your divorce, reach out to an experienced divorce attorney to see what you can do to protect yourself through the entire process better.