The influence of local schools when splitting parenting time

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Whether you intend to cooperate with your ex to draft a parenting plan or you have to go to court because you argue, resolving custody disagreements is important when planning for life after divorce. Regardless of the approach employed, parents should try to keep the focus on what is best for their children.

For most families, the end of a parental relationship will result in shared parental rights and responsibilities. Each of the parents will receive a portion of parenting time and some legal decision-making authority. They will have an obligation to help provide for their children’s needs both directly during their parenting time and possibly indirectly in the form of child support.

The division of parenting time will affect the relationship the parent has with the kids and also their financial obligations. The division of parenting time will also affect a child’s educational opportunities and how well they recover from the divorce.

Where someone resides determines where they go to school

When the whole family lives together, there is little question about what school district the children will attend. Once the parents separate, things become more complex.

In some families, one parent may have more parenting time simply because they will continue to reside in the same school district, allowing them to keep their kids in the same schools so that they can maintain the same friendships. When both parents move as the result of a divorce, the parent living in the better school district may have an advantage when negotiating or litigating custody arrangements.

The kids will benefit from having time with both parents regardless of who has more parenting time, but it is hard to underestimate the positive impact of strong social supports and a good education.

Understanding divorce rules will help you develop a strategy

If you understand that staying in the family home could lead to you having more time with the children, then you may make living in the city school district more of a priority in the first days of your separation or divorce. Making sense of the best interests standard used in litigated custody matters can also help you when developing a strategy for custody litigation or preparing to go back to court for a modification hearing.

Learning more about Illinois family law will it make it easier for you to share parental responsibilities with your ex following the end of your relationship.