Does it help to cooperate during divorce?

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You may not feel like cooperating with your ex during the divorce. You may feel angry that they asked for the divorce. Or perhaps they’ve done something that caused you to file for divorce, like getting involved in an affair. Many people have divorce cases that involve a lot of conflict and very little cooperation.

But are there some benefits to being able to cooperate as you end your marriage? If you can at least agree not to contest every single issue that arises, will that help?

It may make the divorce faster

One benefit is that cooperating means you don’t have to spend as much time in court sorting out the details. This can make the divorce faster. If your overall goal is just to end the marriage, cooperating helps you do that as quickly as possible. This may not mean you get every last thing you wanted, as you may have to compromise, but the process will be done sooner.

It may cost less

Similarly, divorce always tends to cost more when it takes a long time and there’s a high level of conflict. As a result, cooperating with your ex may help you save money during this process. The mere fact that you don’t need a court ruling on every point means less time working through the legal channels and less money you have to invest.

It can be less stressful for everyone

Finally, cooperation can just make the whole divorce process less stressful than it would be otherwise. This can be nice for you or your spouse, especially if you already have stressful and busy lives. If you are parents, it can also be very helpful for your children. A contested divorce that takes a long time can certainly increase their own stress levels more than getting done quickly and allowing them to adjust to the new normal.

Getting a divorce

Whether or not you believe you and your spouse can cooperate during divorce, it’s very important to understand your legal options as you end your marriage. Consider what goals you have, how the children may be involved, and what steps you can take to work your way toward those goals.