Grandparents’ Rights In Illinois

Grandparents have some visitation rights in Illinois. Grandparents may petition the court if their case meets certain requirements. Standing — basically the right to bring an action — is one of the most difficult requirements to meet.

Grandparent visitation usually becomes an issue after a divorce proceeding or custody proceeding. In certain cases, grandparents can bring a petition when one parent will not allow the relationship to continue.

Our Experience Can Help Assert Your Grandparents’ Rights

It is a huge benefit to have an experienced attorney handle your grandparent visitation matter. This is because of the narrow circumstances under which grandparent visitation is granted and because judges all view this issue differently. We understand the need to educate other attorneys as well as judges on the issue so they know where the current law stands.

We add value by efficiently and effectively advocating and using alternative dispute resolution options when appropriate. Focusing our energy and your resources in helpful and productive ways is our goal in every case.

The law on grandparent visitation changes frequently in Illinois. Sometimes this right is more protected than at other times. If you are concerned about establishing your visitation rights, you should contact one of the experienced lawyers at Maurizio & Sharpe.

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