Maintenance: Concerns And Calculations

Maintenance — or spousal support/alimony — is one of the most contested issues in divorce. It is important to understand that maintenance disputes arise from legitimate concerns on both sides.

In a maintenance argument, one spouse is left wondering how he or she will be able to afford paying maintenance and the other spouse wonders how he or she will be able to meet financial obligations without maintenance. In addition, determinations of income, maintenance and child support are interconnected.

You Need Experience And Skilled Counsel

In addition to the emotional and financial considerations that complicate any maintenance decision, the law is frequently changing. Illinois recently overhauled its family law statutes and revamped the maintenance laws as part of that work.

Under Illinois law, the first determination is whether the case warrants a maintenance award. Then the argument becomes one of amount and duration and whether to apply the statutory calculation or a different amount. The new law was meant to make maintenance awards more consistent, but the process remains complex and requires expert assistance and the counsel of an experienced attorney.

Complex Issue, Comprehensive Evaluations

At Maurizio & Sharpe, we have a lot of experience with complex maintenance cases — from temporary to permanent awards. We make it our practice to stay on top of developments in family law.

Whether the development is from statutory changes or case law or from differences in front of certain judges or different counties, you can be certain that we know where the law stands.

As with all family law matters, the lawyer you hire to represent you can make a big difference. We have the experience to fully address the complexities of a maintenance determination.

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